The chairman of FilmFunds, Mr.Carl Freer announced to convert popular 2D films into 3D

Filmfunds, the leading crowdsourcing platform for movies have acquired Duran Duboi US, an independent California based company. The patented 3D LiveFlix technology of Duran Dubois US, coupled with FilmFunds own technology would allow the polling of public opinion on the films viewers want to see in 3D and then offer the content owners suitable conversion services. This is a significant step for FilmFunds towards being all-round solutions for filmmakers.

A Formal bid for Duran Dubois France, has already been placed.  The company is part of Quinta Industries and headquartered in Paris. It is behind such blockbuster hits such as “La Vie En Rose”, “Amelie”, “Crank”, and “Hannibal Rising” and more. FilmFunds has assured of completion of the outstanding projects like “The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart” which is produced by Luc Besson.

Voting by the community of FilmFunds would help to determine which films should be made in 3D. Based on the results, the company plans to reach out to the studios and other content owners with both the data to prove the audience and the technology for converting 2D Film into 3D film. FilmFunds aim to partner with studios on a project by project basis.

FilmFunds aims to offer studios with an easy-to-use, social marketing tool which would prove the commercial viability of the project. The chairman of FilmFunds, Mr.Carl Freer, stated that his company, FilmFunds is optimistic about working with content owners to convert popular 2D films into 3D people to meet with the demands of the people.

The current President of Duran Dubois US, Christian Paris, would be the Vice-President of the FilmFunds and would help to approach online content distributors like Netflix as well as traditional distributors.