Carl Freer Coming Out Clean By Resolving All Differences With His Business Partners

A Jack of all trades as well as a Master of all is what can be best said about Carl Freer who is somewhat a genius, a stalwart, a prodigy who commands exceptional ability when it comes to innovation, creativity in the world of mobile technology and web connectivity. Being the founder of a company named ‘Tiger Telematics’, he went ahead and created the Gizmondo handheld gaming device which had become immensely popular among the gaming freaks the world over. He is an innovator par excellence specializing in product development on the mobile platform that goes on to transform the lives of ordinary individuals all over the globe who nowadays rely on such extensively used digital platforms which form the backbone of digital connectivity and wireless communication.

Carl Freer is also the serving Director of a company named “Magnitech”, spearheading the ‘innovation and product development’ team with his brilliant creative ideas that no one has thought about and come up with before and therefore a copyright / patent is rightfully deserved. Carl also founded a company named Aluminaid which invented a magical bandage for burn treatment and this has been patented under the US Patent Law as it is a thermally conductive metal based bandage that is now available worldwide. This company continues to develop and invent life transforming and life saving medical devices for the common man.

He also co-founded a company named Logovision Corporation which went ahead developing an advanced version of mobile search application which is compatible with all smartphones and it has also been licensed by many Fortune 500 companies. His other venture included Xero Mobile which invented the groundbreaking service of automatically billing advertisers based on the number of marketing messages viewed by the users. His companies are listed in Nasdaq and this has helped him raise additional funds which has helped him in furthering his business goals and ambitions. Carl Freer has also been declared as the most promising businessman / entrepreneur in Sweden in the year 1997. Presently, carl Freer is residing in Beverly Hills, CA supremely involved is his passionate venture – Xero Mobile which is giving him revenues. He is pleased to inform all his partners and customers that all his differences has been sorted out with his business partners and the court has given him a clean chit which help him come out clean and again follow the path of resurgence which he is known for among his friends and well wishers.